Delivering Customer Service with a Personal Touch

  • 17 years of customer service experience
  • Over 9000 customers in 45+ countries
  • Contact center for inbound, outbound, telemarketing and email support
  • High-end infrastructure with built-in redundancy

Call Center Solutions: Crafted to Convince and Connect

Expert Callers, a division of the Flatworld Solutions group, strives to help you build and nurture exceptional relationships with your customers. With over 12 years of experience in the areas of inbound and outbound call center services, customer support, email and chat support, tech support etc. we have perfected the art of transforming customer experiences into competitive advantages. Today we serve more than 300 institutions of all sizes, including three blue-chip institutions.

Inbound Call Services

Listen to make them feel cared for. We lend a patient ear to find a solution.

Outbound Services

Talk to make them believe in you. We talk to make prospects sit up and listen.

Customer Support

Support to reassure. We stay awake to support needs and build smiles

Email Support Services

Respond fast to win trust fast. We deliver experiences through prompt responses.

Chat Support Services

Chat to engage and convince. We chat to make engagements productive and fulfilling.

Tech Support

Fixing problems with passion. We solve to leave the right impression.


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A few words from our customers

"Thanks to Flatworld's valuable services, we are no longer hindered by lack of manpower in setting qualified appointments"
Lloyd Morris, CEO-GD Finanacial

“Flatworld is extremely process driven, have quality resources and work in a very collaborative way to deliver quality lead generations” Mischa Dupont, CEO- Dupont Solutions


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