CATI Market Research Services: We Make Data Predicable

Your market research needs accurate data to make outcomes predictable. Our CATI process filters data till it becomes precise enough for reliable decision making.

ExpertCallers end-to end CATI Services has helped businesses around the world tailor crucial and effective questions to aid in market research. Our streamlined CATI services defined by well-drafted questionnaires, interviewer training, and reporting system will help your business collect accurate data without the hassle of planning and managing.

Delivering qualitative and quantitative CATI services at unmatched speed is our forte because we excel in tailoring questionnaires keeping in mind the need to obtain the best insights from the respondents, training interviewers on ways to ferret out reliable and detailed information and leveraging systems to monitor, analyze and report the entire interview process.

Our CATI services has helped our clients achieve a wide range of objectives – from enhancing brand awareness to expanding business reach, from influencing buyers to evaluating competitors, from doing research on consumer base to analyzing lost sales and from facilitating mystery shopping to carrying out satisfaction surveys.

CATI Project Implementation

Our Service Pillars

  • Questionnaire Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

We are Different; Here's Why

Perfect Designing of Questionnaires

We design CATI questionnaires to balance the objectives of a client with the realities of yielding reliable, and insightful answers. We tailor each question in a tone which is in sync with the respondent audience, and even includes questions that help you gain a better understanding of the reasons behind perceptions and behavior.

Perfect Training

We train our interviewers to use traits like understanding, politeness and engagement to inspire confidence among respondents and get accurate and reliable information from them. This ensures your CATI program succeeds and helps you meet your objectives.

Advanced Techniques

We rely on advanced software such as in-built checks to validate the accuracy of the results delivered to you. We also produce real-time survey summary reports to help you effectively manage your project. Our reports give you insights into per-hour results-by-interviewer, cooperation rates, the number of active telephone numbers still, so that you know where you stand at any point of time.

Why Outsource to Us

  • An Australia-based client used our CATI services to study internet and technology behavior trends of children across Australia
  • A Minnesota-based client leveraged our CATI solutions to determine health insurance plan referral preference with doctors
  • A large theme park used our CATI services to determine the satisfaction levels and expectations of visitors
50,000 man hours
of CATI market research service
Surveys completed to date
C-level interview specialists

What You Get

Outsourcing CATI services to us will give you the following benefits:
  • Perfect questionnaire
  • Expert interviewers
  • Fast and unbeatable turnaround time
  • Assured data quality
  • Best pricing structure

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