Disaster Recovery Services

Do Away with Disruptions and Downtime

ExpertCallers call centers offer a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery service to keep your mission critical systems up and running under all types of adverse circumstances. With world-class infrastructure and end-to-end managed services, we ensure critical business information can be recovered quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime and keep your business function smoothly.

We believe, a great way to prepare for disaster recovery is to have a robust plan in place. Given that operations and requirements vary across enterprises, tailoring a customized plan can be extremely helpful when disaster strikes. That’s why we offer a range of recovery options to help you meet your specific needs. After devising a plan, we work with you to review, refine and execute it on a pilot basis to ensure it will work when the time comes.

Our Disaster Recovery Services

  • Site Level Disaster Recovery Services: Meant for facility that is reserved exclusively for the company.
  • State Level Disaster Recovery Services: Involves provision of additional seats in the same city or state.
  • National Level Disaster Recovery Services: Involves provision of additional seats in a different state or city.
  • Operations Disaster Recovery Services: Includes the maintenance of disaster recovery centers.
    • Geography Disaster Recovery Services: Recovery services based at the site, state or country level.
    • Cold Disaster Recovery Services: Involves shifting of a call center to the second functioning center in the other city.
    • Hot Disaster Recovery Services: An online center ready for agents to move in in case of an emergency and traffic can be redirected to it.
    • Warm Disaster Recovery Services: Involves installation of applications and redirecting WAN link at a different set up with computers and cabling.

    We are Different; Here's Why

    Keep You Prepared

    We keep you ready to face any circumstances by exploring different disaster scenarios and running you through a set of priority data restoration. We also ready a plan, and test and assess it for you.

    Best Practices

    We follow the best disaster recovery practices such as assigning dedicated disaster recovery resources, with thorough knowledge of recovery plan and procedures and keeping the backup system transparent to users.

    24/7/365 Support

    We provide our clients with comprehensive monitoring and pro-active support to nip disruptions in the bud.

    Why Outsource to Us

    • Our call center disaster recovery service helped a leading general insurer in the UK build fail-safe backup for the operations of its captive offshore development center in India.
    • We helped a voice and data telephony company with 200 million+ subscribers, develop a robust disaster recovery monitoring and management solution
    Disaster Recovery Agents
    250000 Sq. Ft of
    Dedicated and shared recovery space
    20+ state-of-the-art
    Recovery facilities worldwide

    What You Get

    • 99.99% reliable disaster recovery services
    • Experienced and certified personnel
    • Highly reliable data security and infrastructure
    • Highly cost-effective services

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