Inbound Call Center Services – We Turn Customers into Admirers

Make your customers feel valued and you win them over for life. Our inbound services give them the special feel to become your admirers for life

Expert Callers inbound call center services provides your business a smart way to handle your inbound needs. With over 12 years of experience in serving the American call center industry, we know what it takes to make inbound processes more adept, responsive and customer-centric.

For us, every phone call is an opportunity to impress your customer. So, we go all out to ensure they hang up feeling confident and reassured. Be it issues to be resolved, orders to be placed, schedules to be managed etc. we offer your business the value, trust, and expertise needed to turn your customers into admirers.

We bank on the right kind of agent training, script development, quality assessment, technology upgradation, and accountability to make your inbound process more responsive and customer-centric. In the process, we prepare you to meet today’s needs, as well as tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Inbound Call Center Services

  • Sales closure services
  • Order entry services
  • Subscription services
  • Scheduling sales demos services
  • Directory inquiry services
  • Charge back handling services
  • Payment collection services
  • Ticketing sales subscription services
  • Real time inventory status services
  • Rebate processing services
  • Product recall management services
  • Job dispatch services
  • Event scheduling services
  • Warranty registration services
1% improvement in first call response leads to $276,000
annual operational savings - SQM Group

We are Different; Here's Why

Agents Trained to Represent Your Brand

We want our agents to be the custodian of your brand perception. So, we cherry pick the right talent and train them to create a differentiating experience for your customers. We listen to every interaction they make and suggest improvements just to ensure they do not miss out on delivering the satisfactory experience your customer is looking for.

Data Analysis to Monitor Performance

A close eye on data can keep serious problems at bay. We capture data continuously to understand how well your agents are trying to keep your customers happy. We keep track of factors like calls per agent, average speed of interaction, wrap up times, first call resolution rates, etc. to determine how things are working out for you. So, potential issues always get nipped in the bud.

Quality to Drive Loyalty

If you want quality to be the hallmark of your service, leave your inbound services to us and rest assured. Our well-calibrated quality assurance process, comprising specialists, criteria, scores and sessions is designed to create the kind of value that would bring your customers back to you.

Why Outsource to Us

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose us over others:
  • We reduced the call abandonment and turnaround rate of inbound calls of a leading printing services company by more than 40%.
  • We helped a leading telecom provider to provide seamless customer support to over 50000 retailers and 5 million subscribers every day
  • Our inbound technical helpdesk team enhanced the first call resolution rate of an IT applications company by a whopping 40%
Over 1.5 million
interactions in a month
90%+ First Call
Resolution Rate of
Trained agents

What You Get

  • High service level guaranteed
  • High and consistent contact quality guaranteed
  • Robust security to ensure fool-proof operations
  • Competitive pricing for best value for money.
Superior customer experience leads to a 10-15% increase in revenue - McKinsey

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