Order Taking Services

Inspiring Confidence in Customers

Expert Callers specialized order taking services is designed to make order placement a seamless experience to customers. We commit ourselves to deliver the kind of service that would bring your customers back to you every time they need it.

Inspiring confidence is the soul of order taking service. We go above and beyond to ensure this in full measure. We make it easy for customers to order, keep customers informed about the progress and confirm them promptly after the order is fully processed and completed. We also prepare them for unforeseen eventualities like delays, which may leave a bad taste in their mouth.

And if you need to cross-sell or upsell, we chip in at the end of the conversation to open another business opportunity for you.

Order Taking Service Features

  • Answer Queries: We help your customers get their doubts cleared about your product or service, policies and other information.
  • Enter Order: Once the order is placed we enter it into the CRM system to ensure quick processing and delivery.
  • Post-Sale Support: We also handle returns processing, technical support or help desk to deliver an out-and-out satisfactory experience.
  • Diverse Channel Order: We support order taking through diverse channels such as telephone, email, live chat, web or mobile application, SMS/text etc.
75% of the customers feel that it takes too long
to reach a live agent.

We are Different; Here's Why

Right Customer Experience

Our agents do not treat order taking as a routine job. They start and finish a conversation on the right note, empathize with customers, and go all out to be personable so that your customer hangs up feeling satisfied.

Guarantee Quality Assurance

We believe in high-quality standards and ensure this through uncompromising hiring policy, strict monitoring and customer feedback. So, our agents are always consistent on delivering the right experience.

Best Pricing Structure

Our taking orders over the phone services come at very competitive pricing. Further, it is not fixed and can be customized depending on factors such as nature of project, skill level required etc.

Why Outsource to Us

  • A renowned company, specializing in a host of IT applications and add-ins, used our inbound technical helpdesk in resolving all technical queries and enhancing customer satisfaction levels
  • We set up support operations - voice support, chat support and e-mail support - for a US-based network security information company and helped them reduce costs by 30%.
Operators taking orders

What You Get

  • 24 x 7 order taking call center support
  • IVR, multilingual and multi-channel order taking support
  • Operational scalability to meet seasonal uplift or spike in sales
  • Complete flexibility
  • Robust security architecture
83% of consumers require some degree of customer support while making an online purchase.

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