Outsource Phone Answering Services

Committed to Delivering a Positive Experience

ExpertCallers provides highly customizable phone answering outsourcing services for all your business needs. Our services are designed to adapt to your business protocol and serve as a robust extension of your company.

We have wide experience in handling situations that impact businesses. We leverage this experience to provide continuing education to our employees and help them acquire the confidence to deal with complex and critical situations. With a customized service plan, transparent pricing structure and embedded service philosophy, we guarantee you the best returns on your phone answering investments.

As an Expert Offshore Phone Answering Company, We Provide a Range of Outsourced Phone Answering Services

With a team of more than 300 reps, we are capable of handling as many as 30,000 incoming calls everyday. We can scale the operations as per your call volume, offering staunch support during peak call times. We believe that the key to providing impeccable service lies in knowing your product or service thoroughly. This is the reason we train our team members as per industry standards. We learn the intricacies of your business that separate you from your competitors. Most importantly, our job is to ensure that your reputation is never on the line.

Companies can outsource following phone answering
services to us:

24/7 Answering Service

We provide round-the-clock phone answering service to companies across the globe. This means that there is always a human point of contact available for your clients, regardless of when they call. Our representatives will assist your customers as per your quality standards and business processes.

Lead Capture

It is our policy to answer each call within first 10 rings. Through our quick response, we are able to capture the prospective client’s business before they move over to the other service provider. We follow a tight system of quality control that guarantees quick and reliable service each time our live agents answer the phone.

Logistics Solutions

We can handle your appointments and delivery management with same levels of efficiency. Our call centre is not just a call answering hub We also have other features that are specifically designed to meet your individual business needs. We understand that in a cutting-edge business environment, the best way to succeed is through customization, and this sets us apart from other phone answering companies.

Bilingual Support

We understand the diversity in client demographics. This is the reason we hire operators who are not only fluent in English, but also other popular languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. We provide services to customers in the language they understand. Your customer’s happiness is our top priority, because when you grow, we grow!

In addition, we can also help you with:

  • Answering requests for information
  • Helping resolve basic service issues
  • After-hours coverage
  • Account Status
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Calling Card Services
  • Locator Services
    • Credit Collections
    • Mortgage Marketing
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Invoice Payment
    • Emergency Notification
    • Lead Generation
    • Taking messages and conveying them to the concerned person
    • Voice Mail and Call Back Systems
    • Payroll Services
    • Message and Recording Service
    • Fund Raising Projects
    • Product Ordering and Fulfilment
    • Inventory Services
    75% of the customers feel that it takes
    too long to reach a live agent.

    We are Different; Here's Why

    Quality Training

    Being a premium phone answering company, we train our agents on accuracy, professionalism, grammar and tone, and provide them continuous feedback on how to improve their performance. So, making a lasting impression on your clients is our forte.


    We utilize the most powerful and user-friendly software applications available to facilitate database integration, categorize calls, streamline call forwarding, ensure back-up power and redundancy of critical components, and improve customer experience.

    Transparent pricing

    Our phone answering outsourcing services come at very competitive pricing. Further, it is not fixed and can be customized depending on factors such as nature of project, skill level required, etc.

    Here are Some of the Ways Companies Have Benefited by Outsourcing Phone Answering Services to ExperCallers:

    • Our technical call answering service team enhanced the first call resolution rate of an IT applications company by a whopping 40%.
    • We provided seamless customer support to a leading telecom provider and helped them reach out to 50000 retailers and 5 million subscribers every day.
    Phone calls handled every day

    Why Outsource Phone Answering Services to ExpertCallers?

    When companies outsource phone answering services to us, they benefit from the following-

    • 24 x 7 order taking call center support
    • IVR, multilingual and multi-channel order taking support
    • Operational scalability to meet seasonal uplift or spike in sales
    • Complete flexibility
    • Robust security architecture
    83% of consumers require some degree of customer support while making an online purchase.

    When you choose ExpertCallers, you will partner with a phone answering outsourcing company that is extremely skilled at providing personalized phone answering services across industries every single time.

    Contact us today and discover the advantage to outsourcing phone answering services to ExpertCallers.