Product Information Request Service

Unlock the True Potential of Your Customer

ExpertCallers has years of experience in helping organizations increase sales through efficient product information request services. If pitching products before prospects is an art, we have mastered the art to help you get more signups and followers.

Our agents are your trump card. We train them to believe in what they are saying, know what they are talking about and are enjoying talking about it. By the time the conversation ends, your customers will know what your product will do for them: How it will solve their problems; help them achieve their goals faster; and save them time and money. To sum it up, our value-added services will help you unlock the true potential of your customer.

Our Services

  • Service information services
  • Product information services
  • Product support services
  • Feature services
  • Warranty services
  • Upgrade services
  • Accessories services
  • Other client specific services
Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until
they know how much you care - Damon Richards

We are Different; Here's Why

Focused Talk

We strive to understand your customers' wants, needs and challenges to help them in the best possible way. So, we first listen and then reply with the confidence needed to make them understand and appreciate.

Present Solutions

We talk less about your product and more about the benefit it bears to them. That’s why it takes us almost nothing to convince your customers about your products.

Manage Doubts

We keep ourselves prepared to manage doubts with clear and concise answers. That’s why we easily create trust among your prospects.

Quality Monitoring System

We have a well-developed call monitoring system to track the quality of every call. So, we match consistency levels of the highest orders.

Why Outsource to Us

  • We helped a leading network security and information management company in the USA meet their product support services requirements after they expanded its services to other countries.
  • We helped a global online medicine retailer respond to its clients' emails quickly and accurately resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Information Processing Agents
Serving 200+
Handling 4000+
Calls Everyday

What You Get

  • Exhaustive product-knowledge training provided to staff
  • Strict adherence to your guidelines and specifications
  • Maximum customer satisfaction
  • 24X7 assistance
  • Flexible and transparent pricing without hidden costs
  • Customized support services
  • At least 40% savings on product promotion costs

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