Appointment Setting Service

The Art of Closing Sales - Made Easy and Effortless

Expert Callers has wide experience in delivering customized appointment setting services to businesses of all sizes. Learning from our experience, we have built an advanced and proven appointment setting process to help our clients find new prospects in the shortest possible time. We understand your company’s reputation is put to test every time an agent makes a call to represent your company. So, we entrust this task to experienced and dynamic appointment setters who have the know-how to deliver messages professionally to your audience. We arm them with a robust data base, well-filtered contact list and a crisp script to make sure they make the right impression in the first few seconds of interaction.

Our Appointment Setting Service

  • B2B appointment setting
  • B2B appointment scheduling for web conferences or demos
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Insurance appointment setting
  • Lead generation appointment setting
  • Executive appointment setting services
  • Technology sales
  • Healthcare leads
  • Conference registration programs
  • Event registrations
  • Telemarketing scripts and telemarketing lists
  • Data collection and cleansing
Did you know: 50% of leads are qualified but
not yet ready to buy – Hubspot

We are Different; Here's Why

Qualified Leads

We don’t want you to spend your time sifting through trash to find gold. In other words, we take all the pains to do the sifting and provide only qualified appointments. We assign specific parameters to qualify appointments and so can pick the most assured appointments for you.

Tight Script

We create a highly customized and personalized script to gain credibility immediately. Our script is tailored to be “artfully vague” so that we sound any way close to an all too familiar selling language. We lay more importance on the connector part of the conversation wherein we try to build relationships through information and expertise and subtly state the need for our call.

Highly Targeted Approach

We rely on our planning, effort, and positive attitude to give you the best results. The process consists of getting a great list, filtering and organizing the list, crafting a convincing and differentiating script, and tracking and analyzing each move. We fine tune the plan for neutral and uncertain prospects, and devise new techniques to approach them.

Why Outsource to Us

  • Our appointment setting services helped a leader in IT Security to get in touch with large numbers IT managers, directors and CTOs for briefing them about the company’s various products.
  • A construction conglomerate leveraged our market intelligence and appointment setting services to acquire quality clients and penetrate the target markets in a short span.
Appointment Setting Agents
of Qualified Appointments Set
Conversion on Qualified Lead List

What You Get

  • Well-defined process driven by dedicated resources
  • Strict quality control process to ensure qualified leads
  • Complete operational transparency
  • Trained and experienced agents
  • Timely communication with your sales team
  • Comprehensive business prospect research
  • Advanced reporting
  • Cost reduction by 40%
Did you know: 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy - Hubspot

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