Direct Mail Follow Up Services

Conversions Made Easy with Steadfast Follow Ups

ExpertCallers has wide experience in helping companies boost their marketing campaigns with direct mail follow up services. Driven by the objective of helping our clients make the most of every marketing dollar they spend, we have honed our direct mail follow up techniques to ensure you get the best response to your campaigns.

Our direct mail marketing service is handled by a team of dedicated professionals who work in tandem with other teams responsible for augmenting your client base. With the help of well categorized follow up list, friendly notifications and advanced tools, our service reinforces your unique selling proposition and helps you close sales with half the effort.

Direct mail has a 25% response rate compared to email, which only yields
a 23% response rate Harvard Business Review

We are Different; Here's Why

Systematic and Consistent Process

We believe in reaching out to the buyer without trampling on personal space. So, we first work towards building an initial connection before going for the sales pitch. This ensures quick and easy conversions

Knowledgeable Agents

We train our agents to gather adequate information about your products, services, and competition so that they can confidently convey the right message to your prospects.


We depend on advanced tools to make our tactics more effective. Primary among them is the autopilot and auto responder tools.

Why Outsource to Us

  • Our direct mail service helped a software giant double lead qualifications within a short turnaround of 6 months.
  • A manufacturer of precision instruments utilized our direct mail follow up service to significantly increase the productivity of its sales staff
Mail Follow Up Agents
Attempts per email

What You Get

  • Precise targeting of prospects
  • Assured increase in conversion rates
  • At least 30% increase in bottom line
  • 50% increase in productivity time
  • Significant reduction in per-lead costs.
After receiving a mailer, 44% of people visit the brands website, 34% search for them online, 26% save it for future reference. Direct Marketing Association

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