Market Intelligence Services

Measure Your Marketing Steps with Precision

Access to precise market information is a big strategic advantage for any business. ExpertCallers Market Intelligence Service equips you with insightful, trusted and timely reports to facilitate tactical decision making.

We have a team of expert analysts and information specialists with wide experience in market assessment studies. We combine their domain knowledge and experience with our formal research to understand and analyze factors like market conditions, potential buyers, competitors, categories, suppliers, and sourcing process to give you expert and reliable advisory on current business trends, risks and opportunities.

Types of Market Intelligence Reports

  • Market Needs Assessment Survey
  • Market Size Assessment
  • Competitive Intelligence Service
  • Product Evaluation
  • B2B Brand Research
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Top 12 Market Share
  • Due Dilligence Analyst Advisory
  • Industry/Category Outlook
  • Supply Market Analysis
  • Country / Region Analysis
  • Risk/Opportunity Assessment
  • Price Trends and Forecasts
  • Supplier Capability Assessment
  • Sourcing Best Practices
  • Competitive Benchmarking
Data is widely available; what is scarce is the ability to
extract wisdom from them – Hal Varian

Key Differentiators

Exhaustive Process

We rely on an exhaustive intelligence gathering process to make inputs highly reliable and insightful. We glean information from external (secondary information sources) and internal (web traffic analysis) data, social media monitoring and competitor, customer and supplier interviews to get comprehensive insights into evolving trends.

Accurate KPIs for Intelligence Gathering

Our competitive intelligence marketing programs are driven by a unique set of strategic and tactical KPIs. As a result, providing right insights to the right people at the right time comes easy to us.

Robust Team

We have a team of researchers with wide experience in collecting and analysing data and interpreting the data in a logical manner.

Why Outsource to Us

  • Our market intelligence service helped a small retail company better understand its market share and scope of market penetration.
  • With the help of our market intelligence service an ecommerce start-up could compare its strengths and weaknesses against key competitors.
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Market assessment studies
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What You Get

  • Highly reliable single customer view to develop sales and marketing strategies
  • Reports provided with faster turnaround time
  • Intelligence services customized to specific needs
  • 100% quality assurance
  • At least 50% increase in customer retention
  • AT least 30% increase in upsell
  • Assured confidentiality
Intelligence is the lifeblood of the company – Johannes Deltl

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