Customer Acquisition and Telesales Services

Winning Customers with Trust

Expert Callers strategic customer acquisition services is designed to carry out highly targeted and professional campaigns to acquire new customers thick and fast. Driven by a team of seasoned and skilled professionals, we steer tele sales campaigns based on a complete understanding of your target demographic.

Understanding your audience is key to our campaign strategy. It helps us plan precisely, acquire accurate data and prepare the right script for your demographic. We involve your sales and business development teams in all the planning stages to ensure our tele-sellers have the clearest view of the type of information required to produce positive outcomes. This helps you to be consistent with your messaging and build brand credibility.

A decade ago it took an average of 3.68 attempts to reach a prospect.
Now it is 8.

We are Different; Here's Why

Precise Planning

We have a robust planning process to integrate your tele sales services with other sales and marketing activities. We set clear goals and approaches in the planning stage, so that the tele seller can control the direction of the call and move the sale forward. This not only ensures

Accurate Data

We always gun for accurate data because we believe successful targeting is not about shooting in the dark but speaking to the right decision makers. And to ensure this we carry out qualitative and quantitative research on a regular basis.

A Good Script

All our sales agents are skilled and seasoned professionals who understand the importance of creating credibility and relationship. We train them to talk intelligently around the structure of the script and focus on what makes your business special to your customers.

Why Outsource to Us

  • We helped a software company conduct a multi-stage telemarketing project to improve their go to market strategy
  • Our targeted product survey campaign helped a company make quick changes to their products and adjustments to their promotional strategies
Customer Acquisition Calls Per Hour
11000 +
New Customer Acquisitions a Month
Telesales Agents

What You Get

  • 25% increase in sales figures
  • Guaranteed rise in customer acquisition and retention rates
  • 30% reduction in operation costs

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